Interlock IT is a Copper Partner

About Copper CRM & Google Workspace

Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) is the only CRM made for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), works instantly and has an intuitive user experience. Designed for the teams who close deals, Copper is helping people focus on what’s important: authentic relationships.

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Why Choose Copper CRM Software Solutions?

Built for Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Copper is the Google-recommended way to manage your prospects, leads, partners, and more—right from Gmail.

Built for Productivity

Spend time on relationships not data. Copper scrapes and captures all of your contacts, emails and other crucial account details so everything’s automatically there and ready for you to start selling.

Collaborate in Real Time

Copper gives all of your teams visibility into every single customer moment so you can pick up where your colleague left off knowing exactly what’s going on with every deal.

Insights That Matter

Accurate data from lead to close. Copper gives you real-time insights to help you close more deals.

Integrate with Anything

Copper integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps to automatically capture every detail and help you close deals faster.

Easiest Setup In Town

With Copper you’re up and running in minutes. All data is automatically populated from Gmail, and it’s easy to configure from there.