Experience Worry-Free Data Protection with Afi.ai and Interlock IT

Discover enhanced data security through Afi.ai, in partnership with Interlock IT, the Top Afi Partner in the Greater Toronto / Mississauga Area, in providing effortless recovery and infinite retention for a worry-free digital experience.

About Afi.ai

Protecting your business data has never been smarter, simpler, or more efficient. Afi.ai brings you cutting-edge cloud-to-cloud backup solutions that redefine data security. Say goodbye to data loss worries and hello to peace of mind! 

Enhance your cloud security. Go beyond limits with Afi.ai.

Seamless Integration

Whether you're on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, Afi.ai seamlessly integrates with your cloud environment, providing robust backup solutions tailored to your needs. 

Ransomware Defense

Afi.ai's built-in ransomware protection engine detects threats and initiates preemptive backup runs, ensuring your data remains secure. 

Data Retention

Afi.ai ensures infinite data retention, providing organizations with unparalleled flexibility and control over the lifespan of their valuable data. 

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