Copper CRM: Kickstart

Let a senior Copper CRM expert, in 2 short hours, put you on the right path for success! 

Certainly you can work your way through the Getting Starting Guides and other excellent online help that Copper CRM provides but wouldn't it be much faster and easier to configure Copper one-one one with an expert? We'll show you how to apply Copper to your business processes, import data, and answer all your questions saving you valuable time.

Purchase a 2 hour one-on-one screen-sharing and teleconference session from that will provide you with an excellent feel for the product and a huge head start on configuring it the right way the first time.

A 2 hour session costs $350 and provides the following:

Let us become your G Suite Google Cloud Partner at no additional cost to you and receive a $100 credit!

Contact us today for more details!


Q: Is 2 hours all the time I'll need to implement Copper CRM?

Q: I can't focus for 2 hours. Can the session be split up?

Q: Can multiple people join?