Collaborate with Confidence: Trusted Hiver Partner in USA and Canada

We take pride in assisting companies with the implementation of Hiver as a help desk and customer service solution seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace Gmail. 

About Hiver

Experience the magic of Hiver, turning your Gmail into a collaborative customer service hub. Enjoy streamlined features like team inboxes and seamless Google Workspace integration. Bid farewell to inbox chaos with shared email accounts and explore additional features. With Interlock IT as your Hiver Partner, setup is a breeze. Transform your inbox with Hiver into a space for seamless collaboration! 

Nurture lasting customer relationships.

No stress, just success.

Handle all support channels in Gmail's left panel

Handle various channels in Gmail effortlessly. Familiar interface for easy team adoption. 

Streamline delegation for

Assign queries effortlessly, track progress instantly.

Leverage Automations for focused teamwork

Automate tasks to save team bandwidth. For example, route queries with "urgent" to Bob. 

Use analytics for enhanced customer satisfaction

Monitor response and resolution times easily with built-in reports. Craft personalized reports in a few clicks for precise metric tracking. 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Hiver and Google Workspace 

Elevate customer satisfaction by doing everything a help desk can, all within Gmail – minus the complexity.