Solve CRM: Enlightened Decision

Norada's business model is self service which is one reason why it costs so little. However, your time is valuable and you need to quickly figure out how Solve CRM fits your business needs.

Purchase a 2 hour rapid process review, fit/gap discussion, and software demonstration from that will provide you with an excellent feel for the product and a huge head start on configuring it the right way the first time.

We provide a discount of $25/hour off our regular rates, so a 2 hour session costs $250 and provides the following:

  • Quick review of your core business processes.

  • Fit and Gap discussion: What will Solve CRM handle and what will other products like FreshBooks handle? What will you love and what may be

  • A compromise? What gaps are easy to fill at a low cost with custom programming or other integrated products?

  • Software Training and Demonstration: Detailed walk through of a day in the life of your business on Solve CRM.

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Q: But don't other software vendors provide this for free?

  • Yes, but you pay for enterprise level sales engagement in the price of the software. In fact, in 2014 spent 51% of their revenue on sales and marketing costs.

Q: Are you biased?

  • No, we receive zero compensation from Norada. While we think Solve CRM is fantastic we'll steer you in the right direction if it won't meet your needs.

Q: What other CRM products do you know?

  • Our lead consultant has many years of experience with Netsuite, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, ACT!, Maximizer, and has evaluated on behalf of customers a variety of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)-integrated CRM solutions such as Insightly, Batchbook, Mavenlink, and Zoho.