Moving Businesses to the Cloud

Our Success

When your life-long passion is business technology it leads to a finely tuned eye for what works, what doesn't, and the best solution in the least time. We continually succeed where other's have failed.

Our Mission

To be the most respected Cloud Computing experts in Ontario through deep relationships with our customers, partners, and employees. Referrals are what makes our business grow.


Cloud Computing (aka hosting, ASP, SaaS) means reduced cost, simplicity, extreme mobility, high agility, and reliability not previously affordable or attainable by small and medium businesses.'s goal is to remove the handcuffs of on-premise software like accounting/ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange Servers, and Windows File Servers.

History was "born-in-the-cloud" in 2009 long before the phrase gained recognition in the industry. Born-in-the-cloud means our revenue model is not based on the resale of products but rather on selling expertise and the integration of multiple cloud based software products into a unified strategy for our customers. We are not biased by product margins which are tiny or non-existent for true cloud products.

Like the software solutions we implement we're highly agile, low cost, efficient, and can service our customers from anywhere and from any device. Non born-in-the-cloud partners are having great difficulty adapting to a business model that cannibalizes their high margin product resale business and monthly on-premise hardware/software support fees.

Our founder has owned, sold, and led multi-million dollar organizations to unforeseen profits and growth. Interlock IT represents what is still his favourite hobby; learning technology and making it work for others. Our founder has automated hundreds of companies, is a professional accountant (CPA, CMA), and speaks the language of business first, technology second.


Goal alignment — as exciting as new technology is stay focused on increasing profits and reducing pain.

The simpler the better — usability leads to adoption; without adoption you have an empty bus.

Don't reinvent the wheel — it's been done before; learn from other's mistakes.

Easy to maintain — the purchase price should not be the tip of the iceberg; eliminate maintenance fees and the dependence on costly technology experts.

Reliable — email and accounting is mission critical; reduce complexity; "the more things that can fail, the more things that will fail".