Switching to SherWeb for Office 365

Microsoft is changing their Office 365 reseller plan. As your Online Services Advisor, we (InterlockIT) have teamed up with SherWeb to become your Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). 

This simply means that once SherWeb is authorized as your CSP, they will bill you directly for your Office 365 licenses at the same price that you're currently paying, with no interruption in services. 

SherWeb who are Canadian but also large with over 25,000 client companies and nearly 200 staff.

This is a fully managed service with no additional cost 24 hour support direct from Sherweb.

InterlockIT is happy to provide personalized services in assisting you with selecting the right Office 365 subscription that saves you money. We've seen many customers purchase the wrong plans and overpay as a result. When customers call Microsoft directly, in most cases, they're dealing with a new sales representative that knows little or nothing about their company. Having a Canadian support team like SherWeb, that understands your business needs, is key in making well informed business decisions. 

How can you authorize SherWeb to become your Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)?

Simple. SherWeb makes the transfer as painless as possible: they'll do all the license provisioning, then contact Microsoft support to confirm that the subscriptions in your Microsoft Admin Center are cancelled and billing is stopped. Any refunds owed will be reimbursed. They also get a case # to track if they need to followup.

To switch over to SherWeb, you will need to authorize SherWeb as your CSP moving forward.

Over the coming weeks, we will reach out to our customers to authorize SherWeb as their Cloud Solutions Provider. Please keep an eye out for our email as we begin transitioning all OSA licenses to SherWeb as your new CSP.