Xero Custom Integration Services
Xero provides online accounting, bank reconciliation, and invoicing services and integrates with a wide range of powerful software solutions and add-ons.

But if you still want do more with Xero, that's where we come in!

Fully Xero-integrated solutions for your business!

Interlockit.com is currently the only Custom Integration Xero Development Partner in North America!

We have extensive experience building live-integrated solutions between Xero and Google Spreadsheets, credit card payment gateways, FreshBooks, Solve360 CRM, and more.

Interlockit.com leverages the latest in secure scalable cloud computing technologies in order to deliver the most reliable, functional, yet lowest cost solution available. We deliver custom business solutions that are highly agile and server-free; no backup, security, upgrade or downtime headaches!

We build most projects on the Google App Engine platform because of its supreme scalability, low cost, and excellent reliability.

Xero Custom Integration Client Examples:

And now introducing...


Blink Reports is a brand-new, custom-built reporting engine that runs in Google Spreadsheets. Designed to allow Xero customers to build financial reports, charts, and dashboards with simple formulas connected to your live Xero data, Blink Reports is fully customizable to your specific needs as a business.

Leverage all the flexibility and security, plus easy sharing and collaboration of Google Spreadsheets for your Xero reporting needs.

Interlockit.com is a certified Xero Development Partner